“We had a non traditional wedding and she was super go with the flow with every non conventional thing we threw at her. She made our day go smoothly and if there were issues I didn’t hear about them, which was fantastic! Hire Naomi to take your wedding off you hands, you will not regret it! ” – Maday

“On the day of the wedding, Naomi seemed to be everywhere at once. She smoothed things over with our persnickety venue and artistically temperamental caterer, charmed our most awkward family members, and even held an ocean of well-wishers back long enough for us to eat a little something.” – Marc & Julie

“She was super prepared (clipboard in hand), and was so sweet to our guests with many of them asking her a million questions. She handled all of it with such a pleasant discord. Not seeming flustered or phased in the least.”
– Matt

“Thoroughly competent while being totally relaxed at the same time. So reassuring.”
– David

“Naomi is down to earth, calming, knowledgeable and helpful. Her services were invaluable.”
– Jenna

“Naomi is equal parts toolbox-wielding handywoman and organized wedding planner, and I strongly suggest you budget her into your wedding, because if you do, no matter what happens, everything will be okay. “

“As someone who travels a lot for work and isn’t always available on e-mail, Naomi kept a hugely helpful google docs folder with a master timeline, everything my venue needed (COIs and other information) and all contracts. She was available to visit the venues, talk direct to my vendors, join calls and send through recommendations on vendors I still hadn’t signed at the time. During the wedding she was managing the timeline, making sure things were running on time and most importantly, got us to the church on time after a lengthy first look photo shoot. She made the wedding a lot easier and less stressful.”  -Melanie

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